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About Us

KD Wood Founder
KD Wood Truck

Company Background

K.D. Wood Company, Inc. was established in 1980 by President and Owner Karl W. Day. We currently operate utilizing 38,700 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space. We offer quality products, fast service and a just-in-time delivery system.

Capability Profile

We maintain a complete set of Government and Military Specifications including SIC 2441/2448/2449/2499. Along with building to Government and Military specifications, we have design capabilities customized to your individual needs. Whether you need reusable containers or only plan on using containers for a one-way shipment, our professional staff can assist you in the design of a container within your budget.

Product Information

We manufacture customized industrial and military wood products including packaging materials, boxes and foam insert cushioning in both wooden and cardboard containers. We can provide customized shipping platforms upon request. We are also capable of stenciling requested information on each item to assist you in controlling your stock. We have CNC capabilities on contour cutting EPS foam.

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